Saudi monarchy keeps killing Yemeni children

This video says about itself:

Saudi-led strikes pound Yemen, dozens of women & children killed

5 June 2015

Saudi-led coalition warplanes are continuing to pound Houthi targets in Yemen despite the rebels agreeing to UN-backed peace talks. The strikes have killed 58 people across the country over the past two days, according to the Houthis. And the humanitarian situation is getting worse by the day, according to the UN humanitarian office, but the casualties are coming not only directly from the fighting – the collapse of the infrastructure also means critically ill patients are not receiving treatment.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Many children killed in war on Yemen

Today, 09:55

In the last ten weeks in Yemen more children have been killed than in all of 2014. This says the UNICEF representative in Yemen, Julien Harneis. Since the conflict in the country escalated in late March and the air strikes started by a coalition led by Saudi Arabia, already 279 children were killed and at least 402 children were injured.

The NOS report also says that the royal Saudi air force has escalated the war: for the first time, Mahweet province has been bombed.

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