Stop Saudi war on Yemen, London demonstration

This video says about itself:

Helpless Pakistani Workers Oppressed by Sponsors in Saudi Arabia

12 February 2014

An Interview of Overseas Pakistani Workers who are oppressed by their sponsors in Saudi Arabia, their Sponsors (Kafeel) asking for bribe to just make a signature or issue a Sponsorship-Transfer letter. Situation become worse when Jawazat (Passport Office Officials) arrested them and put them in jail and treated them like animals, offering poor kind of food and water with money.

These people are purely legal, their iqama (labor permits) are valid for up to 8 months, they came to Saudi Arabia on legal work permits issued by Labor ministry & stamped by Saudi Embassy in Pakistan. Still these people are treated as illegals and arrested and asked for bribes by Saudi sponsors to proceed with their jobs in Saudi Arabia.

From the Stop the War Coalition in Britain:

Hands Off Yemen

Protest outside Saudi Embassy

Saturday 11 April | 1pm

Saudi Arabian Embassy
Charles Street, London W1J 5DZ

Nearest tube: Green Park

Organised by: Stop the War Coalition

See also here.

13 thoughts on “Stop Saudi war on Yemen, London demonstration

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