Cornell young red-tailed hawks fledging?

This video from the USA is called Cornell Hawks 2015-Post-Hatch.

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology in the USA writes:

June 16, 2015

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?

The hour is rapidly approaching when the young Cornell Hawks will take their first flight! If past years are any indication, one nestling will likely leave the nest in the next couple days, with its siblings soon to follow (click for an overview of the dates). Viewers have been on the edges of their seats during animated bouts of “wingercizing” and awkward near-falls as the young hawks explore ever closer to the platform’s edge. But between these bursts of activity you’re likely to see them still clustered together in the nest, watching the hours pass until their world widens.

Even after the hawks leave the nest, Big Red and Ezra will continue to look after them. Parents catch birds and small mammals to feed the youngsters for their first three weeks after fledging and may help supplement their youngsters’ diets for eight weeks or more while the young learn to hunt on their own. We’ll also share reports from our Birders-on-the-Ground (BOGs) who keep an eye out on campus as the young stray farther from the nest. During this time, the cam will stay active as our volunteer cam operators search for the young hawks amid the rooftops and lightposts of central Cornell campus.

Don’t miss out on the first flight! Join us for chat and share the excitement with the community. Watch the Cam.

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