Cornell, USA red-tailed hawks have two eggs

This video from the USA says about itself:

Two Eggs–Cornell Hawks Cam–16 March 2016

Big Red and Ezra switch incubation duties, giving us a look at not one but TWO eggs in the nest today! Thanks to the sharp-eyed Cornell Hawks Cam volunteers for catching a glimpse of the second egg, all but hidden behind sticks, on the live stream.

From the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in the USA:

Two Eggs This Week…Will There Be a Third?

Things have moved quickly at the CornellHawks nest ever since Big Red and Ezra chose the light pole near Weill Hall on the Cornell campus as their 2016 nest site. After a busy few days of nest building and prey exchanges, Big Red settled in and laid the first egg on Sunday, March 13. As in past years, three days later (on Wednesday) Big Red laid a second egg, this one brightly speckled.

However, she surprised us by leaving the nest in the middle of the night, not returning till first light. Since that time she or Ezra have continued the early incubation of the eggs, and if past years are any indication, she will lay a third egg sometime today (March 19). Don’t miss your chance to see Big Red lay her third egg—or maybe she’ll surprise us again! Watch cam.


10 thoughts on “Cornell, USA red-tailed hawks have two eggs

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