Red-tailed hawks, great blue herons nest webcams update

This video from the USA is called Cornell Red Tailed Hawks ‘Big Red & Ezra Tending First Egg’, 15 March 2013.

That was last year. Now, this year.

From the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in the USA:

Hawks and Herons

Big Red and Ezra are busily incubating their 3-egg clutch (Watch Now). In past years it has taken nearly 40 days till the first egg hatches, so anytime during the last week of April we could see our first nestling!

We are also still waiting to see whether the resident Great Blue Herons will return to breed at their nest in Sapsucker Woods. We plan to reopen chat once courting begins or the male begins more extensive nestbuilding. For now, enjoy the views of the Sapsucker Woods Pond from the pan-tilt-zoom camera operated by our volunteer moderators as we await the herons’ nest initiation.

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12 thoughts on “Red-tailed hawks, great blue herons nest webcams update

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