Cornell red-tailed hawks nest update

This video from the USA says about itself:

Cornell Red-tailed hawks ‘A Sudden Shower!’ 5:45 pm

24 Apr 2013

A sudden shower brings Big Red running and she covers the nestlings, while Ezra stays to shield Big Red and help keep the rain off the nestlings! He stays with her for the entire shower which lasted about 35 minutes. Such devotion! Big Red and Ezra are the greatest!

Camera Host:

Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

From the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in the USA now:

Cornell Hawks Visiting the Nest

Although the breeding season at the Cornell hawks nest is over for 2013, Big Red and Ezra continued to make periodic visits to the nest throughout October. Intrepid photographers are also documenting their whereabouts elsewhere around campus—check out this great image gallery courtesy of local enthusiast christinebshoals.

We also took the opportunity to make a visit to this year’s and last year’s nests to clean equipment, do a little painting, and reclaim some of the gear from the light towers (watch a fun time-lapse from the trip). A special thanks to the Cornell Facilities crew for making the trip a smooth and efficient one!

Red-tailed hawk: here.

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9 thoughts on “Cornell red-tailed hawks nest update

  1. This is marvelous, I love the Cornell bird cams, both heron and hawk, and it’s fascinating when they return to the nest long after the chicks have fledged. Also, many thanks for lining back to my post about a blue jay riding on a hawk mid-flight. Best, Babsje


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