Red-tailed hawks’ nest update from Cornell, USA

This video from Cornell, USA says about itself:

25 April 2013

Ezra stays in nest to protect Big Red and brood from hail and rain in Ithaca.

From the Cornell Lab or Ornithology in the USA, today:

The nestling Red-tailed Hawks high above Cornell’s campus continue to grow on a steady supply of rodents, rabbits, and snakes delivered by Big Red and Ezra. Although the young hawks are still cloaked in down, these feathers will soon give way to their juvenile plumage and they’ll be left alone for longer periods at the nest site. If last year’s fledge interval is any indication of when these young hawks will fledge, we can expect a first flight sometime around June 9. Watch the webcam here.

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9 thoughts on “Red-tailed hawks’ nest update from Cornell, USA

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