Saudi air force keeps killing, injuring Yemeni civilians

This video says about itself:

Saudi-led strikes pound Yemen, dozens of women & children killed

5 June 2015

Saudi-led coalition warplanes are continuing to pound Houthi targets in Yemen despite the rebels agreeing to UN-backed peace talks. The strikes have killed 58 people across the country over the past two days, according to the Houthis. And the humanitarian situation is getting worse by the day, according to the UN humanitarian office, but the casualties are coming not only directly from the fighting – the collapse of the infrastructure also means critically ill patients are not receiving treatment.

According to a report of Dutch NOS TV, this morning the Saudi royal air force bombed Sanaa, the capital of Yemen, again.

It is said the bombing killed at least 44 people and over 100 were injured. The victims included women and children.

From AFP news agency:

Sanaa (AFP) – Twenty civilians were among at least 45 people killed in Saudi-led air strikes on the rebel-held armed forces headquarters in the Yemeni capital on Sunday, a medic said. …

“At least 20 civilians and 25 soldiers and officers were killed” in four raids that hit the headquarters in the Tahrir residential neighbourhood in central Sanaa, the medic said.

The raids hit residential buildings, including five houses that were completely destroyed, witnesses said.

Saudi Arabia’s supreme court has upheld a verdict against a liberal blogger who was flogged in January after being found guilty of insulting Islam and breaking technology laws. Raif Badawi was sentenced last year to 1,000 lashes and 10 years in prison. He was banned from traveling abroad for 10 years and fined £175,000: here. And here.

14 thoughts on “Saudi air force keeps killing, injuring Yemeni civilians

  1. All part of the Western Alliance subversive doctrine, a daily routine of killing the innocent designed to destroy the morale and infrastructure of what the West deems as enemy, profiteering not only from pilfering resources abroad but enforcing the taxpayers at home to pay for now the legitimized murder of those who are created as enemy? this hateful campaign by the 1% as a central block who being the financial elite having the control of Western governments scammed into being elected, are all part of the misery inflicted on those who have no voice.


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