26 thoughts on “NATO general lies on Ukraine, German government says

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  4. Ukraine also employs internet manipulation as a tactic, albeit a little more publicly.

    In December 2014 the information ministry was launched to counter Russian propaganda, and it was quickly dubbed the “ministry of truth” by those making allusions to its Orwellian nature.

    A few months later the information minister, Yuriy Stets, set up an “information army”, recruiting online Ukrainians to fight on the most important front of all – the information front. In an interview with Radio Free Europe, Stets said that more than 20,000 people had agreed to devote their time to the “daily struggle”.

    The BBC reported that one of the first tasks for the project, also known as the i-Army, was to create social media accounts and amass friends posing as residents of eastern Ukraine.

    Ukraine is playing catch up with Russia, which has mastered both covert and overt tactics – from investing in Russia Today’s global expansion to the Sputnik news agency, set up to counter “aggressive propaganda” from the west. The Economist has described the effort as “a new art” for Ukraine of which “the learning curve is steep”.



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