Bahrain news about other subject than killing its own people

This is called Bahrain‘s army deliberately kills peaceful protesters.

From the Pan-Arabia Inquirer (Spreading the hummous of satire over the flatbread of news):

Bahrain “pleased as punch” to be making international headlines for something other than murdering own citizens

September 23, 2014

Sources in the Bahraini government have revealed that the country was delighted to have been involved in the recent airstrikes against ISIS forces in Syria alongside the US, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

“To be honest, we’re pleased as punch to be in the headlines for something other than shooting our own people dead on the streets,” said an insider, adding that he was “a little surprised to have been invited to join in given recent, you know, things.”

A Jordanian source later added that it was “just a nice feeling to be in the news at all.”

With airstrike allies like Bahrain…: here.

11 thoughts on “Bahrain news about other subject than killing its own people

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  2. Meanwhile, British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon left Bahrain yesterday after holding talks with officials on regional security and international co-ordination to counter IS ahead of this week’s United Nations General Assembly session.

    ‘The UK supports the air strikes launched by the US and regional allies which run alongside the action the UK has already taken in the form of reconnaissance flights, military equipment and humanitarian aid,’ he said.

    ‘The UK has a long-standing defence relationship with both Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.’

    ‘In Saudi Arabia, the UK assists with the delivery and support of Typhoon and Tornado aircraft.

    ‘Bahrain is also a key location for the UK, with onshore basing and ships located at Mina Salman Port.’


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