Yemeni women demonstrate against sexist dictator

This is a video on the anti-dictatorship movement in Yemen. Regime thugs attack a pro-democracy demonstration in Sanaa.

17 April 2011.

NOS TV writes about it today, translated from their Dutch:

Yemeni women demonstrate against president

In Yemen, more than one hundred thousand people demonstrated against President Saleh. It was a reaction to a remark by the president yesterday that to demonstrate is supposedly “anti-Islamic”. Among the protesters were also many women who reacted to misogynistic statements by the president.

See also here.

Yemen’s anti-government movement took up the issue of women’s rights on Saturday: here.

Yemen: as usual leader scapegoating women: Saleh’s Speech on Mixing the Sexes and Its Implications: here.

Dozens of protesters in Yemen wounded by security forces, witnesses say: here.

Yemeni troops ‘open fire on protesters’: Reports of more clashes come as leaders of opposition bloc head to Saudia Arabia: here.

Clashes between Yemeni police and protesters in the Red Sea port of Hudaida injured at least 88 people today, doctors said.

Bahrain: Defense Lawyer Detained After Night Raid: here.

Bahrain: Attack on Rights Defender’s Home: here.

Freedom on the Net report 2011: Bahrain INTERNET FREEDOM STATUS is NOT FREE: here.

The UN has declared Internet access a human right: here.

Seven prisoners detained by Bahraini security forces for protesting against the government were reported to be facing trial by a military court for killing two policemen: here.

4th human rights activist arrested in UAE: here.

Egypt Special: Up-to-Date Review of Uprising, Battle over Constitution, & September’s Elections: here.

Egypt’s Ruling Party Dissolved: here.

Egypt ministers face corruption charges: Public prosecutor targets country’s former premier: here.

Tunisia: Bloggers Debate Secularism: here.

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