Bahrain regime oppresses trade unions, welcomes ISIS terrorism

This video is called Bahrain security forces torture doctors, medics and patients.

From MENA Solidarity Network:

Bahrain: Trade unions and the struggle for democracy

July 30, 2014

by David Binns (UCU London Retired Members)

MENA Solidarity’s Bahrain Briefing, posted on 21 May of this year, drew attention to the activities of a pro­-regime trade union network named the Bahrain Labour Union Free Federation (BLUFF). BLUFF emerged in 2012, in the aftermath of the Bahraini­-Saudi joint state assault on democracy campaigners and independent labour movement organisations the preceding year. Leaders of the established General Federation of Bahraini Trade Unions (GFBTU) as well as the Bahraini Teachers’ Association (BTA) had denounced repressive state steps against pro­-democracy activists. In response, as the May Briefing noted, “attacks and victimisations of trade unionists increased over the following weeks”. These state actions included attempts to internationally isolate the GFBTU and dismissal of many among its leaders. Physical and legal attacks on BTA leaders in particular provoked international condemnation, not least from labour movement bodies.

From Mahmood’s Den blog:

Bahrain welcomes ISIS

26 July 2014

Oh yes it does.

With open arms too.

And their modus operandi is to quell the demands for democracy.

How is it that now Bahrain is exporting terror? With citizens actively encouraged to join the ranks of that morally bankrupt ISIS? Or any other war for that matter? How is it that we get intellectual mercenaries preach hate and are actually encouraged to do so, and do so with impunity? How is it that monsters cloaked with religiosity actively encouraging and condoning death and destructions be allowed to do so? How is it that the majority of the population be allowed to live under constant fear and subjugation? When all it takes is doing the decent thing to reverse wrongs?

What do we need to get that courage we witnessed in 2011 back?

Bahrain: Put An End To The Systematic Surveillance Practices On Activists And Human Rights Defenders: here.

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