Birds of Rottumerplaat desert island

This video is about common eider (Somateria mollissima) ducks.

Wardens Tim van Nus, Jasper Zoeter and Martijn Bunskoek report about birds this year on Rottumerplaat desert island in the Netherlands.

This year, 31 bird species nested certainly on Rottumerplaat; two probably and six possibly.

Herring gulls and lesser black-backed gulls were most numerous, with over 260 nesting couples together.

Hundreds of eider ducks nested.

At least 149 oystercatcher couples nested, most not successfully.

There were three Arctic tern nests, with only one chick fledging.

There were six carrion crow nests.

Meadow pipit: 31 couples. Common linnet: one couple. Skylark: 42 couples. Barn swallow: 3 couples.

Redshank: 11 nests.

Translated from the report, about bird migration:

Black storks (4), Common rosefinches (5), Cranes (2), Mediterranean gull (5), Cuckoo (several), Turtle dove (at least four), Honey buzzard (3), Osprey (8), Garganey (up to 6), Horned lark (maximum 48) and a single Dotterel, Red-breasted flycatcher, White-tailed eagle, Gull-billed tern, Pallid harrier, Arctic skua, Curlew sandpiper, Hobby, Red kite, Black kite, Snow bunting, just to name a few. We recorded two species new for Rottumerplaat: a very rare Red-headed bunting was at the house on 14 June. … On July 5 in a passing group of Black terns, we observed a White-winged tern. In total, we recorded 160 species.

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