South African jackal buzzard’s nest saved

This video from South Africa is called Jackal Buzzard Male – Filmed by Greg Morgan.

From Wildlife Extra:

South African energy company re-routes electricity lines to save buzzard’s nest

A recent power outage affecting six towns near Vredendal, north of Cape Town in South Africa, was traced to a jackal buzzard that had made its nest in the wires and hatched two chicks.

Although jackal buzzards are not endangered, they play a vital role in the sensitive, arid landscape surrounding Vredendal, so engineers from the Eskom power company contacted the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) for assistance.

Although several suggestions were put forward on how to resolve the outage problem, one thought was common for both Eskom and the EWT – that the nest should not be removed.

It was decided that the best course of action, causing the least disturbance, would be to re-route the power line.

Eskom staff worked tirelessly throughout the day to ensure that the new section of the line was up before dark, with Lourens Leeuwner from the EWT keeping a careful eye on the two chicks in the nest, as well as the adult buzzard to ensure that the bird did not abandon its young.

Once power was restored to the new section of line, all materials were packed up and the area was vacated.

The following morning Leeuwner returned to the site to find the adult bird sitting on the nest with the two chicks, which both appeared to be in good health.

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