Euro Birdwatch 2014 in the Netherlands

This Dutch video is about Euro Birdwatch 2010 in Waverhoek nature reserve.

Translated from BirdLife in the Netherlands:

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

This Saturday, October 4th, Euro Birdwatch was for the 23rd time. This is an international (migratory) bird count which aims to bring attention to bird migration. The (provisional) total number for the Netherlands is currently at 1,420,905 birds counted, of 209 species. This is more than double compared to the previous record of 663,550 birds in 2008 …

Especially starling, chaffinch and song thrush were better than ever (there were never such numbers seen during a BirdWatch), but also skylarks did very well. …

Rare birds were identified, like two pallid harriers, parrot crossbill, thirteen red-throated pipits, twelve Richard’s pipits, rosy starling, eleven European serins and four olive-backed pipits. Unique to the Euro Birdwatch were also 1434 great egrets, which mean this species is continuing the upward trend of recent years.

Birds were counted at 163 spots in the Netherlands.

17 thoughts on “Euro Birdwatch 2014 in the Netherlands

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