Pied flycatcher attacks red squirrel, video

This video is about a red squirrel wanting to feed on a feeder peanut. A pied flycatcher then attacks it, as the bird thinks the squirrel is too close to its nestbox on a camping ground in Dalfsen in the Netherlands.

I think the feeder and the nestbox should not have been so close together.

Corry Zunnenberg made the video.

Some birds nest in cavities, and others prefer an open-cup nest. Even species that are closely related may have different strategies. But why? What makes some species nest one way and some species nest another? Read about the research of two Cornell doctoral students as they delve into the evolutionary history of the old world flycatchers to find an answer, and explore their data with interactive graphs.

16 thoughts on “Pied flycatcher attacks red squirrel, video

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