Honey buzzard and Montagu’s harrier migration, new research

This video is called Montagu’s Harrier – Britain’s Rarest Raptor. It says about itself:

23 June 2013

This lovely male Montagu’s Harrier was seen at the National Trust’s Wicken Fen nature reserve in early May. I must admit, I was very sceptical that this was a Montagu’s at first, because I was too busy filming it ‘for the record’ with low-spec equipment in order to have a really good think as to the species. I thought it was ‘just’ a late-staying male Hen Harrier.

Fortunately, my two friends, Will and Nikki, knew better and ID’d the bird with confidence in the field.

Translated from the Montagu’s Harrier Working Group in the Netherlands, on Thursday, August 14th, 2014:

In recent years, researchers from the Treetop Foundation and the Montagu’s Harrier Working Group have used GPS loggers to, eg, find out about migration routes and migration strategies of honey buzzards and Montagu’s harriers. Together with the University of Amsterdam (University of Amsterdam), they then looked at the effects of weather on the performance of honey buzzards and Montagu’s harriers during migration. An article with the results of this research was recently published in the Journal of Avian Biology.

10 thoughts on “Honey buzzard and Montagu’s harrier migration, new research

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