Dutch politician advocates killing protected gulls

This video is called Common gulls (Larus canus) in a breeding colony.

A year ago, Johan Houwers, Rightist MP for the VVD, the biggest Dutch government party, was in the news because he advocated the killing of wolves in the Netherlands following the discovery of a dead wolf at Luttelgeest.

Since then, Mr Houwers resigned from parliament, as he was suspected of crimes.

Now, there is another politician from the same VVD party, Heerema, who advocates killing protected animals: gulls. He says the law should no longer protect gulls. So they may be shot, or gassed.

BirdLife in the Netherlands has reacted strongly against Heerema’s proposal.

They say shooting gulls won’t help against problems of gulls messing up garbage. Humans not having garbage all over the place, and making safe nesting places outside cities, enabling gulls to leave cities, will help.

From 1999 to 2012, the number of black-headed gull couples in the Netherlands declined from 135,000 to less than 100,000. Herring gulls declined then from 65,000 couples to less than 50,000. Common gulls declined from 6,000 couples to less than 3,000.

6 thoughts on “Dutch politician advocates killing protected gulls

  1. Altogether humans have become so germ and clean they expect nothing to offend their ideology of what they regard as offensive in cleanliness, it is a pity we do not see the agonizing wounds of those who are in battle or other wise that the Western Allies have no conscience in the production of arms used by military that leave victims in agonizing circumstance, often those who have been victims of this violence are innocent of any crime.
    The Dutch, do not seem to have to much concern when they withdrew from Indonesia, leaving thousands dead and wounded, were they concerned about the bodies left to rot is the streets of Indonesians?


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