Avocets, godwits and reed bunting

This April 2015 video is about the Polders Poelgeest nature reserve in the Netherlands. Featuring black-tailed godwits and other birds.

On 25 March 2018 I went there.

On my way, chiffchaff sound.

Near the entrance, coltsfoot flowers.

In the first canal, grey lag geese and black-headed gulls. On the bank at the back, a carrion crow and Canada geese.

A bit further, moorhen, lesser black-backed gull, a mallard couple. A great cormorant and Egyptian geese flying.

On an island in the southern lake two barnacle geese.

A male reed bunting on a bush sings.

A great crested grebe swims in the canal between the northern and southern lakes.

In the northern lake, a male pochard swims and dives.

An oystercatcher flies.

A shelduck. Over a dozen northern shovelers. Northern lapwings.

Over fifty black-tailed godwits.

A redshank on a mudflat between swimming male and female teal.

A great tit calling.

From the north side of the northern lake, we see two avocets with the godwit flock. And a common gull.

At a bank, a sleeping male tufted duck.

In a tree: a starling, magpies and jackdaws.

In another tree, a goldfinch. A hare running.

A grey heron. A small tortoiseshell butterfly.

Near the exit, a female pochard. She dives.

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