Decline of the Roman empire, gold found in the Netherlands

The recently discovered late Roman treasure, photo by University of Amsterdam

Dutch daily De Volkskrant reports today about an archaeological discovery in Echt town, in Limburg province in the southern Netherlands.

Archaeologists found a treasure, hidden during the decline of the Roman empire in the fifth century AD. It included cold coins from 408-411 AD of emperor Constantine III. Probably, the treasure was hidden by a Germanic mercenary paid by the emperor, in futile efforts to keep the border of the empire along the river Rhine intact.

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17 thoughts on “Decline of the Roman empire, gold found in the Netherlands

  1. Amazing how a great empire of such wealth and power can decline, was this Italy? now the Mafia run the disposable waste industry and toxic nuclear waste now litters the country side and poisons the vegetation and plant life, is this what is a example of of Karma? in relationship to the Roman Empire that had not been shy in committing atrocities on a vast scale, having been over ridden by any ability to be guided by common sense nor conscience, is this fate of America or Britain?


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