Wilders’ Dutch xenophobic party in trouble

Dutch poster against Geert Wilders collaboration with the Italian Lega Nord

This is a poster from the Netherlands about the cooperation in the present European election campaign between Dutch xenophobic politician Geert Wilders and his extreme Right Italian colleague Mario Borghezio, of the Lega Nord (Northern League) party.

On the left in the poster, Borghezio is quoted: “Long live the white people of Europe, long live our race“.

On the right of the poster, Geert Wilders says: “We really have much in common!“.

The caption at the bottom of the poster says: “Today, Wilders is in bed with all kinds of extreme Right parties which are full of racists, holocaust deniers and LGBTQ haters“.

Finally, the poster refers to the site WildersBFF.nl, about who Wilders’ ‘Best Friends Forever‘ are.

A similar site on Wilders and his extreme right friends is here.

Translated from Dutch daily De Volkskrant today:

The 33 employees of [Geert Wilders’] Freedom Party parliamentary group risk a fine of 25 thousand euros if they talk about the party to outsiders. The administrators and secretaries have agreed in their long contracts to a duty of silence on matters wich occur in or around the PVV caucus. Even among themselves, they cannot talk about many things, including their working conditions.

Working conditions contribute according to insiders largely to the extremely skittish way the PVV people behave to the outside world. “You are in fact a serf,” ​​says a policy adviser. The heavy financial penalty should also prevent people from talking to each other about their salaries. After talking with the outside world that is, according to people concerned, the worst taboo. The salary list of employees which the Volkskrant has shows that highly variable wages are paid for the same work.

Also, Lucas Hartong, chairman of the PVV in the European parliament, has refused to stand again for next month’s elections.

From the Volkskrant:

Lucas Hartong is the first PVV politician talking on the danger of working with ‘neo-Nazis and people like that.” He says: “The Austrian FPÖ remains a party founded by former SS men, you cannot ignore that. And one of the people of the Sweden Democrats has made the Hitler salute.”

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