Botanical garden flower photos

Cow parsley, 25 April 2014

In the botanical garden on 25 April 2014, there was not just the prehistoric plants exhibition. Also many living plants, like this cow parsley.

Cow parsley and ladybug, 25 April 2014

It attracted a ladybug. A pine ladybird. This species was named by famous naturalist Linnaeus in 1758. Linnaeus had visited this botanical garden. I don’t know whether this beetle species already lived there then; and if so, whether it then was the inspiration for Linnaeus naming it.

Grape hyacinth, 25 April 2014

Among the next flowers were grape hyacinths, originally from Turkey.

Two ring-necked parakeets fly past, calling.

Chiffchaff, greenfinch and chaffinch sing.

Daisies, 25 April 2014

Many daisy flowers.

Flower, 25 April 2014

And other flowers.

Bluebells, 25 April 2014

Like bluebells; not all of them blue.

Bluebells, on 25 April 2014

A great tit.

A grey heron on the bank of the carp pond.

Where the brook flows into the pond, both a big carp and many still very small tadpoles feeding on algae.

Indian rhubarb, 25 April 2014

Many Indian rhubarb flowering plants.

Indian rhubarb, flowers almost finished, 25 April 2014

Some of these flowers were basically finished.

Stay tuned for another botanical garden blog post later!

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