Amsterdam grey heron video


Interesting how birds almost hunted to extinction about 1900 now adapt to city life.

Originally posted on Belinda's blog :

Filming… My first attempt to film with my new camera(HD).

Today I edited my Last nights recordings, plus subtitles.

2 minutes and 35 seconds.

Title (NL) ‘Wat op de grond ligt’  (ENG) ‘That wat lies on the ground’.

What’s it about: I went to see the herons who hangout at the main market nearby my home,The Albert Cuyp Market in Amsterdam.

Note: for a bigger view —>

Around 5 o’clock the fisherman finish their job for the day, and are packing there goods to head home. Also, around this time, a group of herons start to show up on roofs and market stands/trailers.

Where one finishes the job, another begins. I decide to stick around.

With the film camera (burning) in my bag and still having to learn a lot about this ‘heavy to carry’ machine, I thought our flying friends would be a good subject to start with.

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