British military helicopter crash in Afghanistan kills five soldiers

This video says about itself:

A Simple Question: Britain’s suicide war with Afghanistan

9 January 2014

The number of British troops and veterans who committed suicide in 2012 has surpassed the number that died fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan over the same period.

It has been reported that 21 serving troopers killed themselves last year, along with 29 veterans. This was while the British military’s death toll in Afghanistan reached 44, of whom 40 died in action.

This news item has shaken the British public and is embarrassing the politicians and commentators who still continue to defend the baseless and brutal invasion of 2001 and the war that ensued.

If soldiers, the ones who elected a war-career, who have hardened their hearts and strengthened their minds, are killing themselves, then what do ordinary citizens feel about the war in Afghanistan?

From daily The Guardian in Britain:

Five troops killed as UK helicopter crashes in southern Afghanistan

MoD investigating circumstances of the crash but cannot confirm nationality of troops who were killed

Saturday 26 April 2014 15.51 BST

Five military personnel were killed when the UK helicopter they were travelling in crashed in southern Afghanistan, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) said on Saturday.

The MoD said it was investigating the circumstances of the crash but could not confirm the nationality of the troops who were killed, but they are believed to be British.

An MoD spokesman said: “We can confirm that a UK helicopter crashed in southern Afghanistan today.

“The incident is under investigation and it would be inappropriate to comment further until families have been notified.”

The crash, which makes Saturday the bloodiest day for foreign troops in Afghanistan in 2014, is not believed to have involved any enemy action.

It brings the total number of international troops killed in the war-torn country this month to seven.

Recently, there have been a number of so-called “insider attacks” incidents in which Afghan security forces fire on their comrades or foreign trainers or civilians.

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7 thoughts on “British military helicopter crash in Afghanistan kills five soldiers

  1. I feel very sorry for the ordinary Afghanis especially the women who would suffer under the Taliban if our troops were to withdraw. But, as we aren’t winning the war, aren’t even winning hearts and minds, we should pull out the troops. Maybe it would give the impetus to the Afghanis to clear out the Government they don’t want and replace them with something they like which may not be pro-Western but will at least be theirs.


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