8 thoughts on “Young British soldiers traumatized by wars

  1. As the article states, the traumatized are from lower social and economic backgrounds, the British Establishment has no problem with this class of individuals being psychologically damaged, this is all part of the system, encouraged and endorse these people be damaged, the return of these soldiers, who may become so unstable that they may commit crimes of say violence, and this behaviour, keeps a distance of those who are seen as capable, The Establishment, and how responsible the Establishment is, and furthers class distance, as the damaged soldiers return, become less as a threat and potential to usurp, the criminals who manage the drama. Such as creating war and world instability.


  2. They do it because it easier to manipulate them a that age. It’s very sad and with the big recruitment adverts on tv it dose not seem like they have and intention of changing this any time soon.
    It’s very sad! Peace will come about soon !


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