15 thoughts on “Stop spying on us, writers say

  1. Since the WW2, happened and the old guard of Establishment started to disintegrate in terms of its authority and vision, the loss of colonies, and Britain’s, inability to fight Hitler, without help from USA, Britain is now only able to control finance and use this as a weapon to not only subdue its native population, but with collaboration with America, subdue the third world, and destroy the morale or attempt to destroy this mind set, Britain is largely under the direction of the Jewish elite, and has to be a slave to these financiers, and be directed by their policies, as all part of a wider plan for the human species, which in the main requires, destruction of this Planet and the destruction of billions of Planetary inhabitants. For what is called the Common good, in truth, it is for the Common infliction of evil.


    • I strongly disagree that Britain is supposedly controlled by some “Jewish elite”. Like other countries, it is controlled by a *capitalist* elite. Mainly Christian in Britain; like it is mainly Shinto in Japan; Hindu in India; Muslim in Bahrain; and Jewish only in Israel. Captalists usually base themselves on capitalist rules; not on the rules of any religion or of any so-called “race”.


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