Stop British governmental mass spying on citizens

This video from Britain is called Ian Hislop on Snowden and GCHQ criminality (11 October 2013).

By Roger Bagley in Britain:

Tom Watson slams mass social media surveillance

Tuesday 24th June 2014

Tom Watson launched a broadside yesterday against widespread government snooping on millions of people who use Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Mr Watson declared that continuous mass surveillance of the social media of every British citizen was “incompatible with basic human rights.”

The West Bromwich MP put down a Commons early day motion (EDM) expressing “great concern” at the extent of mass surveillance by the counter-terrorism arm of the government’s GCHQ spy centre.

Mr Watson appealed to fellow MPs of all parties to sign his EDM and force a vote in Parliament to stop “industrial scale” snooping by the state.

His initiative was quickly embraced by campaign group Liberty and the Open Rights Group.

The MP’s motion challenges GCHQ’s claim that it can carry on snooping on people without a warrant because the data is mediated by a computer server outside Britain — in the US.

Mr Watson condemned the “startling” suggestion by the boss of GCHQ that mass surveillance is allowed under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act passed in the year 2000.

“This legislation was passed before Facebook was even invented,” pointed out Mr Watson.

He demanded that Tory Home Secretary Theresa May bring forward new laws to end such practices.

“There is growing concern among members of all parties at Westminster that the activities of GCHQ have gone beyond their democratic authority,” he said.

Former Tory shadow home secretary David Davis yesterday joined a parliamentary protest against wholesale government snooping on users of Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Mr Davis signed a Commons early day motion tabled by Labour MP Tom Watson demanding an end to the mass surveillance: here.

British governmental spying in the twentieth century: here.

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