Trillion-dollar F-35 stealth fighter, latest disaster

This video is called 1/6 F-35 JOINT STRIKE FIGHTER IS A LEMON.

From the Herald Sun in Australia (yes, not even the media of warmonger Rupert Murdoch can deny the trillion-dollar Lockheed Martin Joint Strike Fighter scandals anymore):

Pilot abandons F-35 stealth fighter after engine-fire on takeoff

June 24, 2014 11:48AM

A CONTROVERSIAL F-35 stealth fighter has caught fire while attempting to takeoff from a Florida air base today …

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, which has been chosen to form the future of Australia’s air force, was part of a training unit at the Eglin air force base responsible for preparing naval, Marine Corps and international pilots to fly the new machine.

OUR TRILLION-DOLLAR TURKEY: The F-35 fails to be all things to all people

The fighter’s pilot initiated an emergency shutdown procedure on the fighter’s single jet engine when flames were reported coming out of the aircraft’s tail. The pilot escaped unharmed as emergency vehicles doused the stealth-jet in fire-retardant foam.

This is the second major fire to affect a stealth aircraft in recent weeks, and the second major incident to afflict the F-35. …

Meanwhile, F-35 test flights were suspended on June 13 after the failure of an oil-flow management valve prompted an examination of all aircraft.

More than 100 F-35s are currently flying in training squadrons, though the aircraft itself is not yet completely operational.

A basic air force version of the stealth fighter is quoted as costing $104 million, while the naval variant costs $124 million.

Australia: Government backbencher Dennis Jensen has condemned the Prime Minister’s $12.4 billion plan to buy 58 F-35 Joint Strike Fighter jets as a “great national scandal” and “worse than a disgrace”: here.

F-35 fleet grounded for the eighth time over unknown engine issue: here.

Two people are feared dead after their aircraft collided with a Eurofighter jet during an exercise they were both taking part in over central Germany on Monday, officials said. The German military jet and a second Eurofighter taking part in the exercise were able to land afterwards at an air base near Cologne: here.

The announcement last month that Australian bases will serve as the South Pacific maintenance facilities for the Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter further underlines the degree to which the country is being integrated into US strategic and logistical preparations for war in the region: here.

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