Edward Snowden’s life threatened by United States spies

This video is called Amazing Interview With Ed Snowden; Man Who Exposed That The NSA Is Spying On Every American.

From Buzzfeed in the USA:

America’s Spies Want Edward Snowden Dead

“I would love to put a bullet in his head,” one Pentagon official told BuzzFeed. The NSA leaker is enemy No. 1 among those inside the intelligence world.

posted on January 16, 2014 at 11:25pm EST

Benny Johnson

Edward Snowden has made some dangerous enemies. As the American intelligence community struggles to contain the public damage done by the former National Security Agency contractor’s revelations of mass domestic spying, intelligence operators have continued to seethe in very personal terms against the 30-year-old whistle-blower.

“In a world where I would not be restricted from killing an American, I personally would go and kill him myself,” a current NSA analyst told BuzzFeed. “A lot of people share this sentiment.”

“I would love to put a bullet in his head,” one Pentagon official, a former special forces officer, said bluntly. “I do not take pleasure in taking another human beings life, having to do it in uniform, but he is single-handedly the greatest traitor in American history.”

That violent hostility lies just beneath the surface of the domestic debate over NSA spying is still ongoing. Some members of Congress have hailed Snowden as a whistle-blower, the New York Times has called for clemency, and pundits regularly defend his actions on Sunday talk shows. In intelligence community circles, Snowden is considered a nothing short of a traitor in wartime.

“His name is cursed every day over here,” a defense contractor told BuzzFeed, speaking from an overseas intelligence collections base. “Most everyone I talk to says he needs to be tried and hung, forget the trial and just hang him.”

Oh yeah … just like ‘good’ old Al Capone always forgot the trial. Yeah right.

One Army intelligence officer even offered BuzzFeed a chillingly detailed fantasy.

“I think if we had the chance, we would end it very quickly,” he said. “Just casually walking on the streets of Moscow, coming back from buying his groceries. Going back to his flat and he is casually poked by a passerby. He thinks nothing of it at the time starts to feel a little woozy and thinks it’s a parasite from the local water. He goes home very innocently and next thing you know he dies in the shower.”

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop delivered a speech in Washington, DC on Thursday night denouncing former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden, who has exposed the illegal global surveillance regime developed by the US and its allies, including Canberra: here.

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38 thoughts on “Edward Snowden’s life threatened by United States spies

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  2. The article shows how desperate the secret services are fearful of Snowden’s informative publicity to let the public know what is going on, the desire to murder those who are committed to the freedom of ideas, we are living in strange times.


    • About death threats in the USA, see


      Gordon L. Chadwick from Texas got 30 months in prison for threatening the life of George W. Bush. Contrary to the “Reverend” Anderson [who threatened Obama’s life], Gordon L. Chadwick was in jail while writing that, so the threat could not be taken seriously. Unlike in the case of the “Reverend” Anderson, who is scot-free. Gordon L. Chadwick did not have a gun at the time of his threat, being in jail; while the “Reverend” Anderson and his wingnut clique run around with guns. Gordon L. Chadwick had a history of official mental instability. The “Reverend” Anderson cannot claim that as an excuse.

      Will the US government now punish, or at least dismiss, their officials who made death threats against Snowden? Or will they be scot-free, like the “Reverend” Anderson?


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