22 thoughts on “NSA spying, Snowden revelations and the Internet

  1. What we need is a world where the need for secrecy is kept to a minimum. The Problem is that governments (esp USA etc) seem to think they need to know everything. It’s like entering your best friends house and photographing everything, opening ever cupboard, reading diaries, and copying all the information, just in case they turn on you and you wanna stop them or embarrass them. maybe they know something useful that you could make money out of( a new lawn mowing device etc.
    All of this spying could almost be legitimate if it was truly chasing terrorists only, but it is obviously being used to gain political advantage, even with allies and non aggressors, It is most likely being use to steal technological secrets too, and again not just from “the enemy”, though I suspect the USA actually considers everyone and enemy even it’s allies, a better term may be “friendly enemy” or “gullible friends”.
    The USA is obviously using it to maintain and expand it’s dominance in all areas, which include technology, politics, military, commercial.


  2. It also seem quite plausible that the USA is and has been creating conflicts around the world to justify it’s presence, military infiltration, huge black budgets, resource control, etc. I am sure many of us sighed with relief(briefly) when the cold war ended with Russia, but now it seems they are creating a new one in asia with China, in an effort to limit China’s influence and of course maintain and repair it’s own. What we need is to curtail our (not just US)governments efforts in these less than ethical and morally deplete policies of spying and military interference. We cannot have a better world while we wage war continually, while we suppress the weak, while our governments behave like children ( but everyone does it/ a childs excuse). Where we go depends on the road and direction we take, unfortunately we are not on the road to a peaceful world with privacy and freedom. We are on a road lined with soldiers, armed with guns and sniffer dogs, black vans in the outside lane picking up individuals at random to see if they are sneaking a piece of cheesecake by.


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