Stop Monsanto anti-democratic danger, petition

From Avaaz:

Dear friends,

Monsanto is about to uncork the champagne — twelve countries are on the verge of agreeing a mega trade deal that would allow companies to sue our governments for passing laws that protect us, but reduce their profits. But with just 48 hours before the meeting, three countries are on the fence. If we push them to block the deal, we could stop this corporate takeover. Sign up now:

Monsanto’s about to celebrate their biggest coup ever, but we’ve got until the weekend to stop them. 

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a huge, ultra-secret deal among twelve major countries that would give corporations unprecedented power — allowing them to use new global tribunals to sue our governments for passing laws that protect us, but reduce their profits! This applies to everything from labeling GMO foods to protecting internet freedom. Wikileaks has broken the story and opposition is building fast, but the countries are rushing to ink the deal in 48 hours. 

This is insane, but we have a chance to stop it — all 12 countries need to agree, and 3 are wobbling. If we deluge leaders in Chile, New Zealand and Australia with a global call to stand strong, we can stop this corporate takeover mega-deal before Monsanto uncorks the champagne. Sign up now and share this with everyone:

The leaked Trans-Pacific Partnership drafts read like an extended Christmas wish-list for big business — it would set a global standard of businesses imposing their will on our governments through a system of opaque tribunals. Similar courts already let tobacco giant Philip Morris sue Australia over plans to strip logos from cigarette packages, and could give Monsanto the right to challenge labelling requirements for genetically engineered foods.

The talks for this deal are so secretive that not even our elected lawmakers know what’s in it — just the negotiators and 600 corporate lobbyists. Only some vigilant independent watchdogs have been tracking the negotiations, but now leaked texts are out and have shocked politicians and citizens from Chile, New Zealand, and Australia. They are now urgently pushing back on the corporate bullying, but are up against the US who has made this it’s #1 trade priority and is hellbent on pushing the TPP into place now before there is too much public scrutiny.

We have one chance to stop it this week. Join the urgent call — if we build a 2 million strong petition now, citizens and politicians in the key three countries will carry our voices to their leaders:

It can be easy to feel small in the face of big corporate forces with big bucks driving our governments. But people, not money, are the true source of their power. From internet censorship attempts in SOPA and PIPA to ACTA and last year’s CISPA, our movement has, time and again, proven that we can come together to protect our rights against corporate takeover. Let’s join together, once again, and bring our power to stop this unprecedented threat to our democracies.

With hope,

Alice, David, Jooyea, Alex, Aldine, Julien, Ricken, and the Avaaz team


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Monsanto seed plant construction halted in Argentina: here.

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