Edward Snowden play in Dutch theatre

This Dutch video says about itself (translated):

October 18 2015

SNOWDEN is a blood-curdling thriller written by Allard Blom on whistleblower Edward Snowden, his mission, his bizarre story and its relevance for all of us. The title role is played by Cas Jansen. The play can be seen from February 2016 on in Dutch theaters. More info: here.

They see everything. The whatsapp messages you send to arrange a fun evening with friends. The email you send to your family. The recipe you’re looking for on Google. The text message you send to your loved one to say you love her. They see everything.

How to make a phenomenon that is as big as the global passion for collecting data somewhat manageable? Just like when being in a war one can not suffer along with a whole nation of victims, but like one can with one individual, so we will concentrate on Edward Snowden. But this time the war is being fought in our backyard, our living room, our bedroom and in the bedroom of our children. They see everything.

On 14 February 2016 I saw the play Snowden in the Leiden theatre.

There are two other main roles: Laura Poitras, maker of the award-winning film Citizenfour about Snowden. Myrthe Burger plays her, and all other female roles, including Edward Snowden’s girlfriend Lindsay Mills. And Glenn Greenwald, who first published Snowden’s information about massive spying. Simon Heijmans plays Glenn Greenwald, and all other male roles.

On the background of the stage, often computer screens with texts are projected. There are often flashbacks, so the play is not completely in chronological order.

The play may not add that much information about Snowden which was not already in the film Citizenfour. However, many of the people in the theatres may not have seen Citizenfour.

The play points out that Snowden, after the 9/11 attacks in 2001, decided to join the United States army, as was tradition in his family. He did that to prevent US Americans from being killed again like in 9/11. However, to his dismay, some of his fellow soldiers turned out to support ‘solutions’ like ‘Kill all Muslims, including their children‘. Snowden then joined the CIA computer branch. There, he found out that their computer networks were unsafe. Snowden‘s CIA bosses were not grateful, but hated him for that.

Then, Snowden started work for the NSA. When he found that the NSA violated United States citizens’ privacy, he complained. However, his bosses did not want to hear that.

Already in 2008, Snowden had plans to publicize the NSA‘s human rights violations. Then, President Obama was elected, and Snowden gave him the benefit of doubt to clean up the NSA. However, the NSA continued with their old ways.

When Snowden in 2013 heard NSA boss James Clapper lie in the United States Congress about supposedly not violating privacy, he contacted Laura Poitras and Glenn Greenwald. They met secretly in a hotel in Hong Kong. Ms Poitras and WikiLeaks helped Snowden to get away from the hotel and possible kidnapping by US secret police. Get away, supposedly to Ecuador. But in practice, as his passport was withdrawn, not further then Russia.

Edward Snowden had not told anyone about his whistleblowing plans; including his girlfriend. Still, Lindsay Mills loved him, and later joined him in Russia.

The fight against massive governmental violations of privacy continues.

The court order to force technology company Apple Inc. to create a “backdoor” to its iOS mobile operating system is a substantial new offensive in the US government’s drive to spy on the data and communications of everyone in the world: here.

NEW YORK JUDGE RULES AGAINST GOVERNMENT IN APPLE UNLOCKING CASE Setting precedent for the current battle over the San Bernardino terrorist’s iPhone between the FBI and Apple. [Reuters]

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