700 seals in the Thames, England

This video is called Scotland’s Big 5 – Harbour Seal.

From Wildlife Extra:

New survey reveals more than 700 seals in the Thames

Thames is a hotspot for seals – Who knew?

August 2013. An astounding 708 seals have been spotted in the Thames Estuary in the first ever count by air, land and sea, carried out by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL).

Conservationists and volunteers jumped into boats to help tally the number of grey and harbour seals along the Thames, whilst others took to the air for a bird’s eye view of the coast, or stuck to solid ground to investigate small creeks and rivers.

Scottish seal decline

ZSL’s conservation scientist Joanna Barker says: “Recently, we have seen drastic declines in numbers of harbour seals across Scotland, with populations almost disappearing in some areas. Reasons behind the decline are unclear, but other seal populations may also be vulnerable. This broad approach will produce the first complete count of harbour seals in the Thames and south-east coast, so that we can accurately monitor the species to better understand and protect them,” Joanna added.

The timing of the survey coincides with the annual seal moult, when harbour seals shuffle onto sandbanks to shed their coat and grow a new layer in time for colder winter months. Seals on land are easier to spot, providing the ideal opportunity to count them. ZSL’s interactive Seal Map at zsl.org/sealmap shows the results from this survey.

Report sightings of seals, whales and dolphins

Stephen Mowat, ZSL’s Thames Projects Manager says: “The harbour seal population in south-east England is the least understood in the country. As well as the survey, we are urging members of the public to report sightings of seals and other marine mammals to us.”

It is hoped that this public appeal to report marine mammals in the Thames will allow ZSL to learn more about the threats that these charismatic species face in UK waters. Information on seals and other marine mammals seen in the Thames can be reported at www.zsl.org/inthethames.

See also here.

More than 2,000 seals have been spotted in the Thames over the past decade: here.

USA: Thriving in Cape Cod’s Waters, Gray Seals Draw Fans and Foes: here.

October 2013. The Court of Justice of the European Union has preserved the European Union’s ban on commercial seal product trade by dismissing an appeal by commercial sealing and fur trade interests and some Inuit representatives. The appeal sought to overturn the European General Court’s 2011 decision that the applicants’ action against the EU ban was inadmissible. Humane Society International‘s EU director, Joanna Swabe, issued the following statement: here.

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