Gray seals in Maine, USA webcam

This video from Maine in the USA is called Gray Seal Pup’s First Swim.

From eNature in the USA:

Don’t Miss The Gray Seal Pup Webcam

Every winter hundreds of gray seals clamber onto Maine’s Seal Island for an extraordinary mass breeding event.

The 300 lb females have one pup per year, with births peaking in mid January. At birth, pups are in a suit of thick, white fur which they begin molting at about three weeks of age.

The webcam is here.

Using research drones, thermal cameras and free images from Google Earth, two studies confirm that gray seals are making a comeback off the New England and eastern Canadian coasts. The findings help confirm that seal conservation efforts are working, and that these remote eye-in-the sky technologies make it easier and safer for scientists to study migratory wildlife in remote locations and estimate their numbers accurately: here.

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