Harbour seals are back in New York

This video from the USA is called Many seals spotted in New York Harbor.

After more than a century, harbour seals are back in New York City.

This video says about itself:

Canadian Seal Killers & DFO have a lot to hide from the world. Canadian Sealers passed a LAW that stops YOU from getting pictures of their crimes against nature. This video reveals multiple crimes and violations, and they attempted to confiscate it so that You in the world would not see it.

A family who found a baby seal in their back garden in Kent 18 miles from the sea named her Rudolph, saying she was a “brilliant Christmas present”: here.

Canadian Chefs Serve Seal, With a Side of Controversy: here.

26 thoughts on “Harbour seals are back in New York

  1. Animal Activists Threaten Anti-Seal Hunting Demos – by Desie Heita

    16 Jun 2009


    Animal activists are re-mounting what they term mass boycotts and demonstrations against Namibian seal hunting to stop Government from issuing seal hunting quotas.
    South African-based seal activist, Francois Hugo, who runs the one-man anti-seal movement, Seal Alert, says his past meetings with the Namibian Government were fruitless.
    Seal Alert’s latest salvo of e-mail campaigns is fuelled by two news articles that appeared in New Era regarding the processing of Namibian seal fur in Turkey.
    Hugo is asking Turkish businesses to cease buying the seal fur. Namibia’s annual seal hunting season starts next month and ends in November and Seal Alert has asked the Turkish businesses involved in the purchase of Namibian seal fur to cancel their contracts, or face a worldwide anti-seal campaign from animal activists around the world.
    “Seal Alert-SA has launched an international campaign to expose and pressure Namibia’s only remaining seal skin buyer to cease buying seal skins,” Hugo said in an e-mail yesterday.
    In the e-mail to the Turkish businesses, Seal Alert is asking the businesses to “politely cease the purchasing [of] Cape fur seal products from Namibia”. It says it represents an anti-seal hunt movement exceeding 15 million members worldwide.
    Seal Alert says it would engage animal activists around the world for a mass demonstration should the businesses continue the purchase of the products when the season starts next month.
    The businesses concerned said they would reply at a later stage. Seal Alert started protesting in 2006 with the announcement of seal hunting quotas, saying the culling of the seals, especially the puppies, is cruel to the animals and called for an end to seal hunting.
    In 2007, Hugo was accorded the opportunity to present his case before Prime Minister Nahas Angula as well as with the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources.
    Government has since asked for the animal movement to present an alternative method of culling seals, rather than clubbing.
    Hugo says the first meeting with Prime Minister Angula was promising, however, the subsequent meeting with the Deputy Minister of Fisheries Kilus Nguvauva ended abruptly. Hugo alleged that the meeting with Nguvauva “was biased, and not independent or objective”.
    “Namibian scientists during their presentation presented data that was not true, I objected and asked for the opportunity to present figures proving the data was false and inaccurate,” said Hugo.



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