Spanish Franco crimes’ impunity

This video from Spain says about itself:

Jan 25, 2012

Gerena (Spain), 25 Jan (EFE), (Camera: Juan Ferreras). Archaeologists found the first bones on Tuesday in a mass grave belonging to women known as the ‘17 roses‘, who were executed by firing squad during the Spanish Civil War 74 years ago for being related to republican militants.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Amnesty: Lack of action on Franco crimes insults victims

Monday 17 June 2013

by Our Foreign Desk

Rights campaigners said today that the Spanish state’s refusal to investigate crimes committed by former fascist leader Francisco Franco was a “slap in the face” for his victims.

A new Amnesty International report said Spanish authorities have refused to investigate tens of thousands of killings and disappearances during the civil war and subsequent dictatorship.

The High Court ruled in November 2008 that it didn’t have the jurisdiction to hear a 2006 criminal complaint for the killings and 114,266 enforced disappearances committed in Spain between 1936 and 1951.

It claimed that regional courts should be responsible.

But Amnesty said at least 38 of the 47 cases referred to regional courts had since been shut down.

Amnesty Spain director Esteban Beltran said: “We have seen a tendency for these cases to be closed without further investigation.”

The Supreme Court ruled in February 2012 that crimes committed during Franco’s rule were subject to the Amnesty Law and to a statute of limitations.

Mr Esteban said it meant that “the only avenue of judicial investigation available in Spain seems to be shut down.”

The report was welcomed by International Brigades Memorial Trust committee member Pauline Fraser.

The trust commemorates those who volunteered to fight fascism during the civil war.

“When the Law of Historical Memory was passed many of us thought it might usher in a new era and finally allow those guilty of crimes during the Franco era to be brought to justice,” she told the Star.

“It appears that nothing of the sort has occurred.”

Ms Fraser added that the few judges who have tried to probe the crimes of Franco such as Judge Baltasar Garzón “have been persecuted and silenced.”

Amnesty’s report also slams the Spanish government for blocking Argentinian efforts to probe the war, falsely asserting it was investigating the claims itself.

Spain had “used every strategy, including downright lies, to prevent the Argentinian judiciary from pursuing cases under the principle of universal jurisdiction,” added Ms Fraser.

“The judicial process is currently being used in an attempt to destroy the memorial to the International Brigades in University City, Madrid, while place names all over Spain continue to venerate Franco and his ilk.”

Internationsal Brigades memorial: here.

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