35 thoughts on “Franco’s co-operation with Hitler’s Holocaust

  1. While it is true, many artrocities were done against priests by some Republicans what Franco’s apologists fall to point out is the Nationalists massacred religious people also. When they took the town of Bilbao, they executed all the preists in the town claiming they were ’sympathizers’ with the Republican cause.


    Protestants were killed and tortured as well as Protestant churches and Bibles were burned


  2. Heirs to sue Hungary over art

    US: Heirs of a renowned Jewish art collector are suing the government of Hungary for the return of more than $100 million (£64m) worth of paintings seized during World War II.

    The family of Baron Mor Lipot Herzog has tried for more than 10 years to recapture the paintings through Hungarian courts to no avail. This week, the heirs filed a suit in US District Court in Washington. They also are suing several state-owned museums.


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