Spanish neo-fascists love Franco, sexism, bullfighting

This 23 November 2014 video says about itself:

Spain: Watch Nazi-saluting supporters celebrate General Franco [at] 39th anniversary [of his death]

W/S Far-right activists doing Nazi salute
M/S Far-right activists doing Nazi salute
C/U Swastika
M/S Spanish flag
W/S Stand selling Spanish flags
SOT, Miguel Menendez Pinar, grandson of [Franco era fascist MP] Blas Piñar (in Spanish):

“It has been the [‘center right’ Partido Popular] PP who has ended with the right of the workers, a conquest achieved by Franquismo”
C/U Supporters clapping and chanting Blas Piñar
W/S Priest chatting to elderly man
C/U Priest chatting to group of people
M/S Protest sign reading (in Spanish) “Right to decide – [Catalan independist] Artur Mas is a son of a whore? yes, yes, yes”
SOT Manuel Canduela, Democracia Nacional leader (in Spanish):

“The communism of Podemos is the salvation of Spain, the salvation of Spain is a man whose name is Pablo Iglesias (Iglesias means church[es] in Spanish) but his name must be Pablo burn Iglesias”

M/S Audience listening to Canduela speak [CUTAWAY]
M/S Journalist filming the speech [CUTAWAY]
W/S Man waving [Mussolini‘s] Italian Social Republic flag
W/S Police M/S Police van
W/S Rally held, Royal Palace of Madrid in the background [CUTAWAY]

SCRIPT Around 300 far-right activists gathered on Orient Square in Central Madrid to commemorate the 39th anniversary of the death of General Franco, Sunday. The Spanish leader lost his life on November 20, 1975.

Organised by several far-right political parties and nationalist organisations including Nudo Patriota Español, Movimiento Católico Español and Patriotas, the event also marked the anniversary of the death of Jose Primo de Rivera, the founder of [fascist party] Falange Española who was executed by the Spanish republican government on November 20, 1936.

During the rally, officials from the different parties gave speeches about the current situation in the country, targeting the rise of leftist political party Podemos as a cause for of concern. Swastikas and other fascist symbolism were on display, including one attendee waving the flag of the Italian Social Republic [of Mussolini].

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

The new far-right Spanish party Vox demands the expulsion of 52,000 [so-called] illegal immigrants from Andalusia. Vox is willing to support a new center-right government in this state only if this happens.

Vox … participated in elections for the first time in December and received, to everyone’s surprise, ten percent of the votes= in Andalusia, in the south of Spain. As a result, the anti-immigration party holds the key of the new regional government in their hands. The center-right Partido Popular and the liberal

rather: neoliberal right-wing, anti-Catalan nationalist

Ciudadanos have already decided to cooperate, but they can not manage to form a government without Vox’s tolerance.


The expulsion of 52,000 [so-called] illegal immigrants is a prominent point on the list of conditions of Vox. In addition, the party wants to abolish subsidies for Islamic centers and associations, feminist organizations and other ‘ideological’ NGOs.

There must also be more [so-called] help to pregnant women to stop them from having abortions, and there must be a revision of biology lessons in schools so that they do not teach ‘scientifically unproven things’.

Meaning evolution biology.

A number of local laws can also be abolished as far as the party is concerned. This includes a law that recognizes the rights of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgender people. The party also demands that a law on the Franco past should disappear, a law allowing excavations of victims of the dictatorship.


Vox further suggests that there should be a new holiday to celebrate the Reconquista (the [medieval] reconquest of Spain from the Moors). A new law must also be adopted to protect bullfighting.

Today, representatives of Vox and the PP met at a secret location in Madrid, with the aim of completing the agreement for a new government in Andalusia.

16 thoughts on “Spanish neo-fascists love Franco, sexism, bullfighting

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  3. On January 24, 1969, Francisco Franco, Spain’s fascist dictator since 1939, declared a state of emergency that suspended civil rights in the country. The decree gave the police the authority to search homes and individuals without a warrant, make arrests and hold prisoners indefinitely without charge, exile residents from their home provinces, suppress free speech, and prevent public assembly.

    The declaration of the state of emergency also saw a return to the policy of newspaper censorship. In 1966 a degree of freedom for Spanish publications was permitted. But now after the January 24 decree all published material had to be submitted to and approved by the government ministry.

    Franco issued the three-month order after student and youth demonstrators clashed with police. Led mostly by Communist and Marxist youth organizations, students at the universities of Barcelona and Madrid carried out strikes calling for educational reforms, more civil liberties, the formation of democratic student organizations, and denouncing Franco’s regime.

    The event that sparked the protests was the death of law student Enrique Ruano Casanova, a member of the Popular Liberation Front. Police had taken Casanova into custody for “suspicion of Communist activity.” He was then killed after falling to his death from a seventh-floor window. The police claimed that Casanova committed suicide. In the following months the state carried out a cover-up and smear campaign that went as far to release a diary containing suicidal thoughts that supposedly belonged to Casanova. After Franco’s death it was finally admitted that this document was a fabrication.

    Spanish students, however, immediately rejected this explanation and spilled out into the streets chanting, “He has been murdered!” and “Police assassins!” In Barcelona, students stormed the office of the hated university director and threatened to toss him from his office window in retaliation.

    The police responded to all the student demonstrations with great violence. Initially, students fought back and attempted to defend themselves. However, they were eventually overwhelmed and beat with clubs until the demonstrations dispersed.


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