Dutch solidarity with Turkish mass movement

Amsterdam demonstrators against violence in Turkey

Today, according to NOS TV in the Netherlands, a thousand people in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, demonstrated against governmental violence in Turkey against mass demonstrations.

The demonstrators went from the Rokin to the Muntplein square to the Vondelpark.

According to the organizers, Greeks and Iranians living in the Netherlands participate in the demonstration.

Turkish police used water cannon with biting chemicals mixed into the water against the people.

Explicit evidence of Turkish state violence — in pictures: here.

Turkish police fired tear gas today at demonstrators attempting to return to Istanbul’s Taksim Square after Saturday’s brutal clampdown: here.

Turkish trade unionists went on strike today in protest at a brutal police crackdown on anti-government protesters: here.

London Turks show solidarity with Gezi: here.

History of mass movements: here.

11 thoughts on “Dutch solidarity with Turkish mass movement

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