Curaçao 1795 slave revolt in new film

This video is the official trailer of the new film TULA. THE REVOLT.

On 11 July 2013 was the première in Curaçao.

Two weeks earlier, it had already been shown in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

The subject of the film is a revolt in 1795 by African slaves against Dutch slave owners.

8 thoughts on “Curaçao 1795 slave revolt in new film

  1. Caricom launches reparations bid

    Thursday 25 July 2013

    Caribbean: The 14 members of regional group Caricom announced today that they had enlisted the help of British law firm Leigh Day & Co to seek reparations for slavery from former colonial powers Britain, France and the Netherlands.

    Saint Vincent PM Ralph Gonsalves said they hoped to “honest, sober and robust conversation” with their ex-masters about the legacy of slavery.

    Leigh Day & Co helped former Mau Mau rebels win reparations from Britain.


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  4. Dutch slavery film wins top prize at US festival

    Tuesday 04 February 2014

    A Dutch film won two major prizes at the San Diego Black Film Festival on Monday evening.

    Tula The Revolt, about the slave uprising on the island of Curaçao in 1795 and led by the slave Tula, won best film and best actor for Obi Abili.

    The film, directed by Jeroen Leinders and also starring Danny Glover, was released in Dutch cinemas in 2013.



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