Dutch ring-necked parakeets

This video is about wild ring-necked parakeets in the Netherlands.

Ring-necked parakeets are originally from Africa and Asia.

Some of them, held as cage birds in the Netherlands, escaped.

In the 2011-2012 winter, ornithologists counted the parakeets at ten sleeping roosts, according to Dutch journal Natura (2013, #2, p. 9).

There were 11,657 birds. The biggest roost was on the island in the Hofvijver, in The Hague city centre: 4,135 ring-necked parakeets.

10 thoughts on “Dutch ring-necked parakeets

  1. It was a beautiful sigt to see the meeting of ring necked parakeets at the Hofvijver towards sunset, but ‘they’ chopped down the trees on the island in the big pond (Hofvijver) – or rather – ‘they’ truncated it severely.
    The island with its truncated trees is a real ugly sight – most parakeets left.
    A pity. They ran such a perfect government.
    The birds are blamed for the dying of the monumental chestnut trees on Lange Vijverberg on the one side of the pond Hofvijver.
    It is said the feeding of the birds on the budding chestnut trees caused an illness of the trees. These birds are more and less blamed for everything .. . .
    Even in the new municiplality building (het Ijspaleis) a text running above the counters blamed the parakeets for the dying of Chestnuts on the Lange Vijverberg. Six chestnuts are to be chopped down.
    In previouas years I observed how much abuse these trees have to cope with esp. when one or other festive activity takes place (photo expo’s, fairs, activities such as Classical Music on the pond, Easter celebrations, etc). The trunks of the trees show the scars caused by these activities.

    Reseach at Wageningen University revealed that the disease of the chestnuts in The Netherlands is caused by the bacteria ‘Pseudomonas syringae’ resulting in the bleeding of the bark and also causing in bark lumps.
    ( see: http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boomaantasting ).


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