Dutch beaver videos

This is a video of a beaver at a bank in the Biesbosch nature reserve in the Netherlands.

The video is by Klucas.

This video is about the birth of a young beaver in the Biesbosch.

June 2013. Since 2005 the Welsh Beaver Project, which is led by the six Wildlife Trusts in Wales, has been investigating the feasibility of undertaking a managed reintroduction of beavers to Wales for the many benefits their presence can bring to wildlife, the environment and the economy. After much investigation and consideration, the River Rheidol (which enters Cardigan Bay through Aberystwyth) is looking like the most promising site for an initial pilot reintroduction and local consultation is underway: here.

August 2013. The UK’s only licensed re-introduction of Eurasian beavers at Knapdale in Argyll, the Scottish Beaver Trial, has announced five newly born beavers – known as kits – have been spotted: here.

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