Kosovo bear cubs butchered for quack medicine business

This video is called Brown Bear mother and cubs – Finland.

From Associated Press:

9:25 a.m. Tuesday, May 28, 2013

2 Kosovo bear cubs slaughtered for gallbladders

PRISTINA, Kosovo —

Kosovo authorities say two bear cubs have been slaughtered for their gallbladders and dumped in a garbage bin.

Gezime Hasani, a spokeswoman for Kosovo’s environment ministry, said Tuesday that a man who kept the bear cubs in captivity refused an order from the ministry to hand them over so they can [sic; could] be moved to a bear sanctuary. Instead he sold them to animal traders who killed them.

Police jailed four suspects linked to the slaughter and released [them] from prison after fining them for illegal hunting.

In Asian countries, bear gallbladders fetch high prices because they are believed to cure cancer.

A rather lenient treatment for those criminals.

Sadly, maybe not so surprising, considering that the prime minister and others in Kosovo are suspected of trade in human organs

Early elections are taking place in Kosovo this Sunday, following the collapse last month of the coalition government of Kosovo Prime Minister Hachim Thaci. Thaci is the leader of the Democratic Party (PDK) and a former Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) commander: here.

Three rescued bear cubs are to enjoy a life of freedom in Kosovo: here.

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