Magpie, gull on my balcony

This video says about itself:

May 22, 2012

Three lesser black-backed gulls landed on the roof opposite my house and made a terrible racket for about five minutes before flying off. One of them kindly regurgitated some yukky looking object then ate it again!

This afternoon, a magpie and an adult lesser black-backed gull landed together on my balcony.

The magpie may be one of the nesting couple opposite my window. It flew away soon.

I had often seen lesser black-backed gulls fly near my window, but I had never seen one land on my balcony. Let alone together with a magpie.

The gull had some trouble taking off from the balcony. I hoped it wings were not hurt. Apparently not, for it succeeded taking off at last, and flew away, high above the treetops.

11 thoughts on “Magpie, gull on my balcony

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