Magpie nest opposite my window

This video, recorded in the Netherlands, says about itself:

In this HD video we see birds making a nest. Well, actually, gathering materials to build their nests. Not just one sort of bird, but all kinds of sorts, small and large. Magpie, House Sparrow, Eurasian Jay, Carrion Crows, Pigeons and more! …

Attract Birds With Nesting Material

“Spring is the perfect time to attract birds with nesting material, encouraging them to take up residence in your backyard. This gives birders the unique opportunity to see the entire life cycle of backyard birds, from courtship behavior to nest building to raising the young fledglings. With the right nesting material, you may even be able to attract several families of birds to your backyard.” SOURCE: here.

This spring, two magpies have built a nest in the tree opposite my window.

The nest wasn’t there yet last year.

18 thoughts on “Magpie nest opposite my window

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