More midnight sun Spitsbergen birds

This video says about itself:

Souvenir from our last trip to Svalbard in July 20[1]4 with this short video of ivory gulls and an iceberg falling down completely near our boat.

Soon after our arrival, in the night of 2 to 3 June 2013, came our first attempt to see the ivory gull, one of the bird species which Svalbard is famous for.

This is a video of a young, first winter, ivory gull in Ontario, Canada.

One of the places where people regularly see ivory gulls is near the husky dog cages, just east of Longyearbyen village.

No ivory gull this night. We do see hundreds of common eider ducks there. Their egg-laying season has just begun. They started to nest here, because the dogs scare off the Arctic fox predators of ducks. The dogs, being in cages, can’t harm the ducks.

On the bank of a stream, a purple sandpiper.

We continue to the Adventdalen valley.

Brent geese.

Male and female king eider ducks.

As we return to the dog cages, an Arctic skua.

20 thoughts on “More midnight sun Spitsbergen birds

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