Surinamese hummingbirds in Dutch zoo

This is a white-chinned sapphire video from Brazil.

Translated from bird zoo Avifauna in Alphen in the Netherlands:

Smallest bird species can now be seen in our park

Avifauna bird zoo has some special new residents. From today on, people can see the white-chinned sapphire, a hummingbird species with a weight of 3.5 grams and length of 8 centimeter in our bird park. The white-chinned sapphire is the smallest bird species currently in European zoos. …

The fork-tailed woodnymph, another hummingbird species, has arrived in the hummingbird house as well. This colourful bird is slightly larger than the white-chinned sapphire. In November 2012, these two Surinamese bird species were smuggled into the country through Schiphol airport, where the customs seized them. As bird park Avifauna takes care of confiscated birds, these two special species were entrusted to its expertise as well.

A cryptic new species of hummingbird of the Campylopterus largipennis complex (Aves: Trochilidae): here.

19 thoughts on “Surinamese hummingbirds in Dutch zoo

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  2. Thanks for sharing my Hummingbird, Fly poem in your links for this post. I shared this post with my Facebook friends especially so my wife, who loves hummingbirds so much, will have an easy way to enjoy your work here.


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