Surinamese film premiere in Cuba

This video is the film Wan Pipel.

From Prensa Latina news agency:

Tribute to Surinamese Filmmaker in Cuba

Paramaribo, May 14 – Surinamese filmmaker Pim de la Parra will be honored during the 4th annual Dutch Film Week, scheduled from May 17 to 25 in Havana, where he will travel on Thursday, according to reports in this capital.

On this occasion, the Cuban audience will appreciate the film Wan Pipel (One People, 1976), the first film shot in Suriname after its independence, restored and digitized in 2010.

The film, considered an absolute classic film of that Caribbean nation, will be shown by its director Pim de la Parra in what will be its Cuban premiere.

De la Parra told the local newspaper Ware Tijd that he is excited about screening Wan Pipel in the Spanish speaking region, 37 years after it was made.

9 thoughts on “Surinamese film premiere in Cuba

  1. Reblogged this on queennzingha's Blog and commented:
    I would love to see the film in its entirety. I didn’t understand the language but I did understand the feeling. The actors were excellent in conveying those feelings.

    My first encounter with Surinamese people was during my stay in Amsterdam. I craved “home food” Caribbean food and was directed to this Resturant. The food was amazing!!!! I felt at home immediately with a plate of Curry Chicken, Rice and Steamed Cabbage like Grandma used to make.

    Not only was I pleased but the people were beautiful to the eyes!!! I could’ve stayed right there in that little Resturant for my entire stay in Amsterdam.

    Like Suriname St.Thomas was primarily Dutch ruled for many years until it was bought over by the United States and is now considered an American territory.

    Vive Suriname!!!!


    • Hi, thanks for your reblogging!

      You can see the film in its entirety on YouTube. But it is there in many parts, and you have to go from part 1 to part 2, etc.


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