Suriname, six new bird species found

This 2013 video says about itself:

Small birds in Suriname, Amazonia. This is a collection of footage of “small” birds in our part of Suriname (South America). 99% of the footage has been made in our own yard. I excluded the hummingbirds, parrots/parrakeets, birds of prey, and pterodactylae, because I want to make separate video’s about them. Hope you’ll enjoy it! Subscribe if you like it. (free royalty free music by: and

From the Google cache.

Suriname: six new bird species found

Date: 9/3/05 at 10:13AM

At the Tafelberg in the Roraima mountains, an expedition by the National Herbarium of Suriname, and the National Zoological Collection of Suriname (NZCS), found six species of birds new to Suriname.

Two of them are antbirds: rufous winged antwren; see also here; and Venezuelan antvireo.

Two are swifts: white-chinned swift and white-tipped swift.

The velvet browed brilliant is a hummingbird.

The tepui greenlet is a songbird.

Also, a snake species new for Suriname was found.

The expedition research is not finished yet.

Source: here.

Antbird songs: here.

High-Pitched Notes during Vocal Contests Signal Genetic Diversity in Ocellated Antbirds: here.

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