30 thoughts on “Birds, bees, aquatic life killed by neonicotinoids

  1. Did I mention that Monsanto bought the only FDA approved company doing research into the declining bee population? On another note – pesticides freak me out. I grew up on a farm in the 1960s, my father’s solution any time an ant showed up in the house was to get out his spray can of DDT. Holy crap, we played in that pesticide dust.- it’s a wonder I’m still standing.


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    It tends to be easy for us to forget just how easy we can affect the natural ecological system in both our immediate community and the larger world in which we reside. There is evidence everywhere that we need to address this matter soon or we may reach a point of critical influence and a state of no return.


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    When the evident is still hard to believe, because governments refuse to stand by reason; instead they stand by wrongdoing, and permanent denial, while pushing for the far right agenda!


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